What's your reaction to ABC Cancelling Roseanne After Her Racist Tweet? (06/03/18)

ACOUSTIC ANGELO: I mostly ignore TV these days and focus on learning new guitar chords and different ways to write songs. I had thought Roseanne Barr was a progressive who was a Hollywood whistle blower, but then she turns out to be this commercial for Trump. ABC did a good thing by getting rid of a propaganda sitcom.
RUDY RIDDLER: I think ABC should've been more patient, since they had a show with a big audience. Now marketers will miss out on reaching that audience. I bet Fox News is considering picking up the show and taking it to another level. They seem to be the only network that likes Trump.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: Roseanne did the wrong thing, but I was a fan of the show. Of course, I like everything I find on TV anyway, so they'll probably replace it with something just as good. It sounds like she does a lot of pharma, which is something I do as well. You can't help it because there are so many great pharma commercials on TV.
COUNT DRUGULA: Roseanne is ridiculous for trying to blame Big Pharma on her racism. She needs to take anti-anxiety drugs to offset her misuse of other drugs. It's funny that Ambien made fun of her for trying to drag them into the story by saying that the side effects of the drug do not include racism.
FREEDOM CHAMP: Freedom of expression has its limits. The test is whether or not your freedom of expression hurts other people. America has a history of racial inequality that it still has not completely addressed. So I think Roseanne's racist tweet was an abuse of the First Amendment, in other words, using it for selfish gratification. But it backfired, since it wasn't funny and cost her a high-paying job.
APE BANGER: I'm an actual ape who happens to be the drummer of a successful band. Lost in this discussion is the fact that apes actually are smart animals. We can play drums, for example. It's very unfair to laugh at anyone for what they are, since none of us have a choice. It's also unfair for racists to compare humans of color to a particular animal. Racism is a symptom of cultural ignorance, but can be resolved through education.
BIRDSY BIRDSONG: Good for ABC, but the biggest story is how Twitter is offensive to the bird community since it's such a showcase of human stupidity, while devaluing the word "tweet." It makes it seem like bird communication is something to make fun of by equating it with an awful marketing site like Twitter, where slogans and thought fragmants can easily be misunderstood. Look at what a dummy Trump has become on Twitter.
ARCHIE BONKER: This is the left wing media conspiring against Trump. Since Roseanne became friends with Trump they had to do something to distract from him trying to make America great again, so she was an easy target. Where's the media's apology for constantly making fun of Trump? I see a pattern where the media goes after conservatives who use Twitter.
AGELESS REBEL: You gotta draw the line on entertainment sometimes. I don't mind TV shows with sex or violence as long as it's telling an insightful story. However, racism is still a big bummer in America. It still goes on. The civil rights movement went far in the sixties, but there's still quite a way to go before we eliminate all the bigotry. So, good for ABC that they fired a racist.
JOE 12-PACK: I never watched Roseanne. I mostly watch sports 24/7. All I know about her is she made fun of the national anthem once by singing it horribly off-key. So in my world that makes her more awful than anything. I don't really watch political comedy shows because I think politics and entertainment should be separate. They should keep entertainment and get rid of politics.
CLAIRE TYLER-BRYANT: I applaud ABC's decision to cancel Roseanne. As soon as I found out the show promoted Trump I knew not to watch it. Trump is divisive and doesn't seem to be very concerned about addressing racism in America. In fact, by planning to build a wall between the US and Mexico, he's just fueling more racism. Our media needs less politically-incorrect celebrities and more socially-responsible role models.
TRAVIS KWAMBERRA: All I can say is that our culture needs to go back to global-friendly songs that promote ethnic integration. I've travelled the world with my band Worldwide Immigrants and we spread cultural intellect and love through our music. Roseanne is just a symptom of a bigger problem, so firing her won't make the problem go away, but it does bring up a healthy discussion on how people need to embrace a unified spirit.


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