Happy Nu World Xmas

I created the illustration "Nu World Xmas" on December 24, 2017. The picture only tells part of the story how the nu world is like a dream come true. Even though the media paints the world as burning down, the forward thinker sees beyond the illusion. Each of us can define our own perception of the world without media guidance.

The nu world has arrived for some and is just a rumor for others. It's a vision of enjoying life while helping others and getting things done. It's the idea that nature and technology can coexist. It's a world of innovative new ideas with an understanding that sustainability is a priority. This nu world is beyond politics and has more to do with dealing with the future now. It's a vision of efficiency and eco-friendly concerns.

The best way to celebrate a nu world Christmas is to think about the world as one big friendly planet instead of a small speck of insignificant dust. The nu world has an optimistic view of world peace without wars or a world government. It's a state of mind in which world leaders respect others and work to resolve disputes peacefully. The nu world embraces technology that helps people and warns against technology that can intrude on privacy.

Sharing is an important part of the nu world. While the nu world supports the concept of free enterprise, it favors small businesses that build from the ground up. Small business includes all the people who design arts and crafts and create music and movies. Essentially, the nu world is a place of self-empowerment, especially for creative minds.

Created by Alex Cosper