Introducing Plant/Human Hybrid Zoylent Green (aka ZG)

My latest cartoon is called Zoylent Green (aka ZG or ZeeGee). He's an experimental hybrid of human & plant developed by the corp/govt on a space station, so he's also part alien. He was designed by ZARPA (Zoylent Advanced Research Projects Agency) to oversee digitization of GMO-based human hybrids to become war-time slaves of the corp/govt. But he turns out to be a peace-loving anti-war pro-environmentalist.

ZG made his public debut on April 25, 2017, although I created this character earlier in the month. His relationship with ZARPA has soured and he's been placed on a list of fugitives wanted by the federal government. He escaped from a corp/govt lab after learning that his intended role was to be a nationally-promoted pop culture psyop icon supposed to fool people as a rock star icon. He was programmed to write and perform songs about peace to lure hippies into a massive trap, culminating in a concentration camp.

The whereabouts of ZG are unknown to the corp/govt, as intelligence agencies can't seem to track him down since he knows better not to use smartphones. He designs his website from an unknown location, spoofing other IP addresses. The public is learning about him through his social media profile and website. He realizes he cannot be seen in public or someone will report him to ZARPA. He's working on an album devoted to revealing the truth about the corp/govt's digitization and genetically-modified food poisoning program. His official name on government record is ZG1, since he was the first science project of its kind, but be likes being called just ZG.

My interest in science fiction goes back to my earliest favorite TV show as a kid, Lost In Space. The Robinson family was sent to outer space to explore new worlds. I may have been attracted to the show because it had kids in it (Will and Penny Robinson), plus I thought the Robot was smarter than the humans. The show debuted on CBS in 1965 when I was three years old and ran through 1968.

It was based on a 1962 comic book story. The TV story was set in 1997, when overpopulation on Earth led to the mission to find new homes in outer space. The mission was sabotaged by Dr. Zachary Smith, an agent of an unknown foreign government on Earth, also in the space race to colonize other planets. I did not know all these details behind the story until recently, although I remember the first episode that somewhat laid out this scenario.

Lost In Space was mildly successful at the time, but became a long-term rerun. I've probably seen all 83 episodes and it helped shape my early childhood appreciation for science fiction. In my teen years I became a fan of the more successful series Star Trek, which had only 79 episodes on NBC from 1966 through 1969. I vividly recall watching the "first man on the moon" on TV in July 1969, which inspired me to create my first outer space comic characters. I was bummed, however, that no life was discovered on the moon.

I don't watch much TV or movies anymore, since I'm more into documentaries on YouTube, but I still love the concept of creative science fiction, especially if it ties in real world events. One science fiction movie from the 70s that still stands out as memorable is Soylent Green, in which food choices were limited due to overpopulation. Soylent green turned out to be people as a form of population control. That movie obviously was an influence to the ZG character, except I wanted the character to be more of a hero representing the people than a villain representing the corp/govt.

Today I'm more of a skeptic than a believer that life exists in outer space, although I do keep an open mind about it, since no one knows for sure. My research indicates that a lot of supposed UFO sightings on Earth have been due to people mistaken by military aircraft unrevealed to the public. So I wanted to create a character based on what I know so far about DARPA, NASA, space stations, GMOs, the Internet of Things, psychological operations and the military industrial complex and mix it with science fiction.

Created by Alex Cosper