About Illoogle

What Is Illoogle?

Illoogle is the world's first anti-search engine. It doesn't try to be the gatekeeper of the internet and it doesn't punish other websites for not subscribing to its philosophy. Immediately you should be thinking it's nothing like Google, which is a multi-billion dollar company. Illoogle is nowhere close to even being a $100 site, yet it's full of much better art than the stick figure amateur images on Google.

I believe humor helps with the education process. So I design content that includes a mix of social commentary, humor and knowledge. Part of the inspiration of Illoogle is to lampoon some of the tech world's attempts to control society or markets. I enjoy alerting people to the real issues that matter to society, more than fake and mostly useless news that is regularly dished out by big media. Unlike most of big media, Illoogle is not a hype-driven marketing channel. Nor does Illoogle bombard you with annoying pop-up ads or disruptive interruptions.

At the moment, Illoogle is a collection of informative articles and original art. You'll find an artistic society of mostly ridiculous characters. One of my favorite topics is to joke about search engine flaws, so that maybe techies can focus on making search results more relevant. Google's trying hard with "BERT," an AI update to its algorithm in late 2019. BERT now tries to figure out what surfers are actually searching for instead of spewing out whatever matches the site's database of keywords.

Since the wild west days of the internet techies and digital marketers have assured everyone that "content is king." As great as that sounds, the truth is techies are bullies that control and shape online content. If you don't keep up with the latest HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SEO factors, your content might not ever get read. Your content is a goldmine that millions of people are waiting to dive into, as long as Google thinks it's worth ranking in its monopolistic search engine. It helps if you're already a billion dollar company, then Google will think you have "authority."

Yes, this is the site you've been waiting for - one that isn't afraid of Google and is willing to tell it like it is. Content is the goldmine ... if you can get past the techies. You'd think all those overpaid technies would've figured out by now how to block hackers forever. But that's the last thing on their minds. Right before Google's miserable Google+ social media flop closed down in 2019, Google tried to cover up a huge security flaw that affected millions.

Of course, most people don't think of the world's biggest search giant as a bad guy because it delivers so many valuable results for searches at everyone's fingertips. But there are other search engines out there that give pretty much the same results. Ecosia.org comes to mind because it's a non profit site that plants a tree for every search.

How Is Illoogle Better Than Google?

Illoogle doesn't spy on you
doesn't try to second guess your tastes
isn't trying to be king of the internet
doesn't confuse popularity or credibility with number of clicks
will not direct you toward worthless content
Illoogle won't trash your online image
isn't trying to control search rankings
doesn't develop an army of robots to replace human labor
won't collect enormous data on you
knows how to communicate: nupopculture@gmail.com

Created by Alex Cosper