The Ageless Rebel, an American Hippy Purist

Ageless Rebel became my latest cartoon on April 10, 2017. He represents the longevity of the hippy movement. Anyone who thought the movement died in the 60s with Altamont and a string of other disasters must not be familiar with Ageless Rebel. He keeps the tribal torch burning and celebrates counter-culture as the accepted norm in his sphere of influence.

He teaches philosophy based on his interpretations of lyrics from classic rock songs of the 60s through the 90s. He doesn't keep up with newer music because it all sounds like corporate assembly line marketing to him. His favorite music is anything with mind blowing lyrics that makes people think about life.

In the 50s he was called "Beatnik of the Ages." In the 60s he was called "The Traveling Hippy." He became a punk in the 70s then adopted the alter ego "Blue Rebel" in the new wave era. After decades of moving from one trend to the next, he realized it's more important to learn counter-culture than the latest trends.

His top concern is world peace and he's written many books on how it could happen, if only the music biz would put out socially-conscious music again. He believes everyone can be the master of their own universe and live a happy life with or without money. He does not support fascist right wing corp/govt ideologies.

Although he tries to follow the "whole earth movement" of hippy culture, he's tried hard to free himself of big biz fast food culture, which uses a lot of synthetic chemicals. A true hippy purist does not eat processed foods, although some get away with a little bit when they're not seen by friends. Ageless Rebel knows it's unhealthy to always eat burger drive-in food, yet he loves the nostalgia it brings cuz of the old-style jukebox with 60s rock and roll music.

Created by Alex Cosper