Why Birds are Smarter Than Humans

Have you ever compared the human brain with a bird brain? The first thing you'll notice is the human brain is much larger. But does the mind that is somehow the product of this organ match the size in terms of power to solve problems? It's obvious what humans are capable of - all you have to do is study the machinery they've created that leads to mass pollution. If you forget about your bias toward humans for a moment, how much of modern industrialization has made the planet better?

Those are some of the opening remarks of the book Why Birds are Smarter Than Humans, written by bird psychologist Birdsy Birdsong. I created this bird cartoon on August 30, 2017 as a silly way to compare bird intelligence with human intelligence. Don't worry, the book is fictitious and isn't trying to overthrow the human race. It's more of a funny look at how birds, despite having smaller brains, don't create even close to the amount of damage that humans do to planet Earth.

Although Birdsong has never attended educational institutions and never earned certifications in medicine, psychology or any other field, her followers still call her "Dr. Birdsong" or "the good bird doctor." She's considered a legitimate bird psychologist only by birds who know how to read, but is not recognized as even a scientist by most humans.

Birdsong has observed both human and bird activity, which is the basis of this 100 page book. The bird psychologist has carefully analyzed the greatest achievements of both creatures to arrive at the conclusion that birds do more good things for the planet than humans. Here are some of Birdsy's tweets that support the title's theory:

Proof Birds are Smarter Than Humans
(Excerpts from Dr. Birdsong's Book)

Birds don't elect demented psychopaths as their leader.

Birds don't blow up buildings or drop bombs on innocent families.

Humans manufacture huge machines that pollute the air, earth and water - birds don't.

Nobody in the bird community worries about paying bills, going bankrupt or getting ripped off by banks.

Birds don't need politics or laws to be organized and orderly.

Birds know how to fly, humans don't - except with big machines that pollute the air.

Human governments engage in wars over resources that last years - birds fight over food just for minutes then move on.

Birds don't need mass media to know what's going on in their culture (although bird psychology books can be helpful).

From a bird's eye view, birds see more of the world than humans do.

Hunger and homelessness (created by corporations and governments) are not concerns of the bird equation for survival.

Birds do not believe in religion, false gods or political propaganda.

Birds don't need expensive recording equipment or media promotion to get their songs heard by the world.

Dr. Birdsong's book and philososophy inspired the formation of a new cartoon band called Birdsong's Treehouse Academy, which has released the song "Birds are Smarter Than Humans."

Created by Alex Cosper