Here Comes the Blogger From Nowhere

I unveiled the "Blogger From Nohwere" to the world on May 23, 2017 as a character who represents the opposite of someone who follows strict Google guidelines about search results, yet he somehow gets millions of followers to his website. He doesn't pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO) techniques or Google's over 200 factors that are supposed to increase odds of high search rankings.

What We Can Learn from the Anti-SEO Movement

The internet is flooded with digital marketers who all say the same stuff. It's as if a few gurus who agree on how search rankings work got together and influenced thousands of other writers who aren't even aware of Copyscape software. One of Google's rules is for sites to avoid duplicated content. Yet Google still lists tons of copycat sites when you query the search phrase "SEO guidelines."

Blogger From Nowhere started goofing around with blogging during the 2016 election when he was neither for Trump nor Clinton. He basically spread a lot of fake news about both candidates, while trashing mainstream media for being full of fake news at the same time. In other words, he ran with rumors published by both "left" and "right" conspiracy sites, usually copying and pasting content onto his blog, which is supposedly bad for search rankings.

Digital marketers scratched their heads when they started seeing spammer Blogger From Nowhere go viral - based on analytics. Not only did he spread any fake news he could think of, he violated many of Google's rules against "black hat" websites. Somehow search algorithms allowed his site to get top rankings for no-brainer keywords revolving around "fake news SEO techniques." What we learned is that search bots aren't as smart as most digital marketers had feared.

The Prank That Could've Changed the Election

As a prank, Blogger From Nowhere uploaded photos of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that had been modified to look part reptilian. He must have used different layers of images in his photo-editing software. He then wrote blogs about how both candidates originated from the same swamp. He went on to repeat all kinds of lies that circulated during the election, which largely avoided the real facts that could've made either candidate look shady.

Blogger From Nowhere, as a further prank, didn't get permission from anyone to steal photos online of both candidates, supposedly violating copyright law. Some of the other sloppy liberties he took included the following:

wrote lots of fluff instead of rich content
spammed all kinds of popular keywords
fraudulently linked to a government website, posing as a government agency
called himself a "political analyst" even though he really didn't know much about politics
linked to all kinds of irrelevant sites
didn't use "mobile-friendly" web design techniques
lied about his resume

Some conspiracy theorists began to speculate that maybe he works for a tech company that knows how to fool Google. Others say he's just a hack who accidentally outsmarted search engines. He makes millions of dollars selling videos of his phony conspiracy rumors.

Created by Alex Cosper