When to Replace a TV Show Host Boycotted By Sponsors

Claire Tyler-Bryant is a cartoon character who shares a lot of the same progressive views as Bernie Sanders. She's been named as the replacement host for a right wing female host who has been suspended from the TV network for inconsiderate remarks that offended over a dozen advertisers. A similar story has happened in real life, although it's unlikely Fox News will replace Laura Ingraham with a progressive.

The reason why a progressive usually makes a better host than an old world right winger, regardless of the show's vision or target audience, is because progressive individuals understand political correctness much better. Those who defend political incorrectness tend to be conservatives stuck in an earlier era when bigotry and establishment presumptions were widely accepted. Only a year ago Fox News had to blow out old world macho conservative Bill O'Reilly due to too many sexual harassment scandals that triggered an advertiser boycott.

TV conservatives typically aren't sympathetic to lower economic classes, minority groups or issues affecting public safety. To them that all means is spending money on wasteful things that could better be spent on the wasteful military industrial complex. Any new restrictions on guns makes them angry, despite the fact most of them can't recite a single word from the Second Amendment, which only guarantees gun rights to a "well regulated militia."

If the issue has anything to do with education or gun control all they care about is keeping the status quo as is, since they don't encounter those problems in their privileged bubble. "Out of mind / out of sight" is the dynamic that rules such cold-blooded individuals if they happen to be treated nicely by the establishment.

Laura Ingraham wrapped up March 2018 by offending over a dozen sponsors due to her tweet about teenager David Hogg, who recently made national news as a student at Parkland High School in Florida, which suffered a mass shooting. She made fun of the teen for being rejected by a few colleges despite a 4.2 grade point average. Companies that subsequently pulled ads from Fox News included Jenny Craig, Office Depot, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Liberty Mutual, Nestle and Johnson & Johnson. Ads were also pulled by Hulu, in which Fox News' owner 21st Century Fox controls a 30% stake.

The phrase "advertiser boycott" is deeply frowned upon by media owners. Money is what they care about the most. So the most effective way to shake a big media outlet's tree, regardless of the brand's political philosophy, is to threaten them with an advertiser boycott. Otherwise, it's unlikely any social message will get inside the heads of the social engineers who control programming and mass consciousness. If you wonder why songs with explicit lyrics got banned from radio in the early 90s, for example, it had nothing to do with the owners' taste in music or etiquette. It rather had everything to do with existing sponsors threatening to pull ads off the air.

So when is it time to yank a TV show host whenever they offend several sponsors? It's usually immediately, as with the case Laura Ingraham, although it appears her suspension will only be for a week. The way big media works is the content is just filler in between commercials, which pay the bills.

Created by Alex Cosper