Multiple Perspectives from a Cluster of Eyeballs

One of the top concerns of people who talk politics on social media is that they're unable to convince people with narrow perspectives of anything. Most people who are set in their ways have strong convictions, either based on their own research and experiences or ideas that were pumped into their heads at a young age. Once people assign specific judgements to people, places and things, it becomes extremely difficult to get them to view the subject from a different perspective.

"Cluster of Eyeballs," however, was born with multiple perspectives. It's a one-of-a-kind organism covered with eyeballs. It's the world's most open-minded living creature with the most amount of different viewpoints. Most people are unaware of this creature because it's never mentioned in mainstream media. Cluster of Eyeballs can be used for marketing research to understand all the different perspectives of consumers. The results can then be channeled into a database, in which proprietary research can be sold to corp clients.

CEOs don't think that way, though. Most of them aren't concerned about consumers beyond their target markets. They just care about numbers that excite shareholders, who get bored with philosophies and respond more to job cuts. Several ad agencies have voiced concern that Cluster's appearance wouldn't work for television. They figure if the wrong people connect the sponsor with a freak of this nature, it can lead to accusations that the product is trying to capitalize on tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists.

Educational institutions and scientists would benefit the most if they spent time with Cluster, which is super intelligent. Each eyeball has its own brain. It's possible for one eyeball to communicate with another. It's the only known creature on Earth that can disagree with itself in multiple ways. Each eyeball has its own interests and expertise in deep topics. Some eyeballs have an unemotional demeanor, others love to debate, while others try to be humorous.

The main reason the mainstream media won't interview Cluster is they have been instructed by the intelligence biz to keep it a secret. That way any mention of it seems psychotic like it came from some wacko's dream. It's a shame that Cluster isn't being used in ways that it can help society. It's currently living in a government lab, where scientists are trying to determine its origins. All employees have signed confidential agreements not to discuss Cluster to anyone outside of government.

Created by Alex Cosper