DJ Party Boss Is In The House

In 1984 the modern rock band Re-flex had a hit with the song "Politics of Dancing," saying, "I heard it on the airwaves / the politicians are now DJs." On May 7, 2017 that statement became a reality ... at least in the cartoon world, as I created the character "DJ Party Boss." At night he's a well known night club and wedding DJ, but in the day he leads a double life. Currently he's working on building his marketing list to a start an independent third party known as "The DJ Party."

His strategic game plan is to run for Mayor in 2018, since he's already popular in his hometown. Then he'll run for the House of Representatives in 2020. If all goes well he'll jump to the U.S. Senate in the following election. Then in 2024 he'll run for President of the United States. He expects Trump to be re-elected in 2020, despite being extremely against him (since the Democratic Party still won't admit they ran a horrible campaign in 2016 in which anyone could've beaten Trump, except apparently Hillary Clinton).

DJ Party Boss was born with the name Wilton Rumplestiltskin-Shrek and was laughed at in school for having such a long bizarre name. But as soon as he became an adult he officially changed his name in court to, you guessed it, DJ Party Boss, and has been a hometown legend ever since. He works weeknights at a club called Twisterz then weekend nights he works for hire doing weddings, reunions and house parties.

He gets slammed with clients in the summer but when biz dies down in the fall he works for a political consultant, doing phone surveys and fundraising from a call center. He thinks that work sucks because it's low pay, plus he's surrounded by losers and cheap old slow computers running Windows 2000, not to mention he has to hear the phrase "don't call again" 200 times a day.

But the job has inspired him to enter politics, which he imagines is "kick back" work in more ways than one. He'll need to raise about a quarter million dollars for the mayor's race, which he's sure he can do secretly on the side while using call center resources.

Created by Alex Cosper