Meeting of the Melting Minds

Four characters taking four different paths - somehow wound up meeting together here on Illoogle - to share and clash their distorted views of the world. Those four characters from top left to bottom right in the above image are Propazombie, Skull Thuggery, Mojo Metallico and Biased Observer. Each one lives a radically unique life, yet they all can agree on fundamental things that might surprise you.

Propazombie is someone who repeats the propaganda he learns from mainstream media. Essentially, he's a TV brainwashed zombie and takes most of what he absorbs as "news" to be factual, even though much of it is PR plugs for BigBiz and the corp/govt agenda. Skull Thuggery is in charge of the military industrial complex and helps plan out staged events that fuel war talk.

Mojo Metallico is an angry college dropout who now has $75,000 in student loan debt. He is currently unemployed and spends most of his time writing heavy metal music. Biased Observer is a one-dimensional character who only sees things from his perspective. He's kind of a TV brainwashed zombie, except he mixes propaganda with his own opinion and gaslights anyone who disagrees.

What each of these characters have in common is they can't stand "today's world" or the status quo. Yet each one has a radically different reason why. Propazombie thinks the world is getting crazier each day (even though violent crime has actually gone way down since the 80s, according to FBI statistics). But since he believes all the garbage he sees on TV, he feels it's unsafe to step outside his door.

Skull Thuggery is dissatisfied with how long it takes to start a war. He doesn't like the song and dance routine that leads up to every theater of war - he just loves war. Mojo prefers a peaceful world, but thinks the system is rigged against young people who like to rock. Biased Observer finds conspiracy stories to fit his pre-determined opinion. He thinks everything on TV is a lie - including the weather.

Each of these characters wants the world to be in their own image. Propazombie, who is scared by the news, wants the world to be a more happy-go-lucky place. Skull Thuggery wants everyone to be a gun fanatic and wants more violence in the streets. Mojo really just wants a career as a heavy metal recording artist. Biased Observer, who thinks the moon landing was fake, wants to see a more honest media and corp/govt, even though he'd probably be very bored by it.

These characters create four one-way conversations when they're all in the same room. Here's an excerpt from their discussion:

PROPAZOMBIE: I sure hope we're not on the brink of World War III.

SKULL THUGGERY: Buddy, you've got to accept war as THE biggest industry, which allows you to have your freedom.

MOJO: The world would be a lot better off if everyone put down their guns and picked up guitars.

BIASED OBSERVER: You guys are all uninformed. Wars, TV and music are all faked by the shadow government.

That's about all that was intelligible in the conversation. The rest of the meeting was just noise, kind of like what you get on CNN or Fox News. None of them listened to each other because they were too busy talking over the other voices. Each one thought they were more knowledgeable than the other three.

Created by Alex Cosper