Vermont Vinnie's View on Government's Role

Vermont Vinnie works hard in the snow, ploughing roads in the winter. The rest of the year he helps his community in various ways, some of it being volunteer work. Inspired by Bernie Sanders, Vinnie is considering running for local office. He's well known in his community, as he has helped many people get through hard times. Vinnie believes that elected officials and all other government workers serve the public, not the other way around.

Although he voted for Bernie in the 2016 primaries, Vinnie is not registered with any political party. He's categorized as "independent" in credible political polls. Some of the more warped polls (as in the ones that predicted Hillary would win by a landslide) assume he's a democrat because he voted for Bernie, whom he thinks lost the nomination to Clinton due to the DNC's leadership - run by Debbie Wasserman Schultz - rigging the primaries against Bernie.

As far as government pay, Vinnie believes that all jobs - whether government, corporate or small biz, should pay a livable wage. In other words, he doesn't think it's fair to hire someone for a full-time job unless they get full-time pay that pays beyond just living expenses. He certainly doesn't think jobs that pay below the cost of living are any good. He's definitely for raising the minimum wage from $10 to $15 per hour. Vinnie believes that if a company can't afford to pay good wages to employees, maybe they shouldn't be in business.

If you've guessed that Vinnie supports socialism, you are correct, but not the brand of socialism that has been distorted and demonized by the right. Socialism, of course, covers a broad scope, just like capitalism. As a student of Adam Smith, he does not believe pure capitalism exists in the United States. Smith's original model of capitalism was a win-win-win for owners, workers and consumers. Today's capitalism is based more on a win for owners at the expense of workers and consumers.

Vinnie wants to see more government intervention in the marketplace to limit the marketing pranks that big biz plays on society. If you're unfamiliar of these pranks just to boost profits, study big pharma and some of the billion dollar settlements they had to pay for marketing to minors. Big biz would be great if it knew how to regulate itself better.

But many times the "crony-capitalist" cartel model that's currently in place, benefits shareholders when jobs are cut at the expense of workers. He's definitely for reducing corporate accounting pranks as well. So he wants government to be more strict on big biz instead of being its little buddy that gives them what they want. Above all, he wants the government to do a better job protecting the environment, as well as be more proactive at creating jobs for cleaning up the environment that big biz has wrecked.

Created by Alex Cosper